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Iron Bear Products


Bear resistant trash enclosures are the most effective way to keep bears and other animals out of your trash.  Built to hold two forty-gallon trash cans, with room to spare.

Constructed of 12 and 14 gauge steel plate, they are strong enough to resist even a determined bear.  Boxes mount on a single pedestal for security and rust resistance.


Enclosures have inside child safety handles and are ADA compliant.  Proudly made in the USA.

Our enclosures are approved by: 


  • The Bear League

  • Nevada, Placer, El Dorado and Douglas Counties

  • Tahoe Donner Association Architectural Standards Committee

  • United States Forest Service

Trash Enclosures

48” W x 32”D x 50” T


Trash Enclosures are steel construction, powder coated and hold two-40 gallon trash cans with room to spare.  Enclosures have a child safety latch are ADA approved.  Our bear resistant trash enclosures are the #1 way to keep bears and other animals out of your trash.

Food Lockers

48”W x 30”d x 44”T

Food Lockers are all steel construction, powder coated and are constructed with one shelf.  Lockers have a child safety latch and are ADA approved.  Food Lockers are 30 cubic feet with plenty of room left over for camping gear and ice chests.

Food Locker & Picnic Table Combo

49”W x 137”T


Picnic Table Food Locker Combo has a food locker attached to table.  Picnic Table is wheel chair accessible.  Attached Food Lockers has a child safety latch and are ADA approved.  All steel construction, powder coated and ADA approved.   All products constructed out of 12 and 14 gauge steel plate.


  • Boxes mount on a single leg pedestal.

  • All items, except fire rings and barbeques, are powder coated in choices brown or green.

  • Installation and repair service available.


Pedestal BBQ

Bulletin Board

Forest Service Gate

Fire Rings

Iron Rangers

Recycle Bins

2 Head

3 Head


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